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Dog Boarding

Comfortable accommodations for your pets with 24/7 supervision!

Pet Services & Amenities 


           ü Outdoor exercise in a safe environment

    ü Premium bedding available

    ü Flexible drop off and pick-up times

    ü Guests can bring a favorite bed, blanket or toy

    ü Clean and sanitized

    ü Medication friendly (must have directions)

    ü Snacks Available (Guests can bring treats)

    ü Express nail grooming available

Additional Services


We offer cage free and kennel free boarding. Dogs sleep in beds (Crates are welcome for the dogs that are more comfortable in a crate.) Dogs that are boarded and play well with others will have unlimited access to daycare during their boarding stay. Visits for cats in your house are available

You may bring any of your pet’s belongings. Please provide food for your dog, if you do not provide food, we will provide food at an additional cost. Boarded dogs must meet the daycare vaccination, spay/neuter, and temperament requirements.

We offer Cat sitting and kitten care!




1 or 3-yr. vaccine required

*Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza


Required every 12 months, however, we recommend every 6 months & at least 7 days prior to check-in to ensure maximum efficiency & protection against Kennel Cough

Please note: many veterinarians administer this vaccine only by request.


1 or 3-yr. vaccine required

Canine Influenza

Not required, but highly recommended to help protect against Canine Influenza respiratory illness. Consult your veterinarian. 


24 Hour Pet Care At Our House
For the dog that doesn't like to sleep alone

24 hour period Per dog. .. . . . . . . . . . . . 
Holiday or holiday weekend  ... . . . . . . .
Puppies 6 months and younger. . . . . . . 


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