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Dog Daycare

Fun environment for your dog to play and stay!



  1. Dogs must be over 4 months old
  2. Dogs over 7 months must be spayed/neutered
  3. Current Vaccines: Distemper/Parvo Combo, Rabies, Bordatella and Canine Influenza virus
  4. All vaccines must be administered at least 10 days prior to visit
  5. Dogs must be on a topical flea preventative, flea collars are not permitted
  6. Dogs must take and pass our Temperament Test



Once your pup has passed its temperament test, you may call ahead to make reservations for your dogs play days. Reservations are not required, space is limited and customers without a reservation are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  A reservation will insure both room for your pooch & that we are appropriately staffed for the dogs playing on any given day.  To ensure no one is left sitting at home when they’d rather be playing with their pals, it’s a good idea to make your reservations in advance.  A 24-hour notice is required for cancellations or the reserved daycare rate will be charged for no shows.

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